A totally unique almost “naked” space except for our incredible collection of vintage 50’s and 60’s British classics from Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. They can all or partly be in or out depending upon your needs.


Perfect for corporate events, private parties, and trade fairs.

We have hosted national organization banquets, surprise birthday parties, promotional events, and trade fairs among others in our first year of operation. For two of the birthday parties, they were surprises for husbands, one of which had never been surprised on his many birthdays. In all cases, our driver of the happy couples made up an excuse for stopping by the British Sodo warehouse, and on a prearranged signal, had our large roll-up door opened and drove them right into their surprise parties with everyone already partying inside.

British Warehouse SODO Features:

  • Located in the trendy Sodo area just off 4th South and just north of the West Seattle Bridge.
  • Lots of safe, free parking all around.
  • 10 minutes from downtown and Boeing Field and 5 minutes from CenturyLink and Safeco.
  • 18′ high roll-up entry door
  • 6,500 feet of open space and a 3′ high, 9′ deep & 65′ across former loading dock/platform that is perfect for speakers, DJ’s, fashion shows, and more.
  • White reflective high ceiling and walls that have shown amazing lighting potential.
  • Historic authentic red London phone booth on premise.
  • Capacity of 150 or more reception style and 100 plated.
  • Kitchen with full sink, counter space, two refrigerators; freezer; one modern bathroom with room to bring in two Royal Restrooms (done multiple times and a perfect fit!)
  • Private green room.
  • Professional licensed caterers welcome.
  • Transportation to/from in either vintage or modern vehicles subject to negotiation.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Vendor list available.



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